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Telecom Towers are designed according to the stability of physical size, number and levels of antennas, and guy wire requirement in order to get a free standing structure

Telecom Equipment

We are Providing all Trusted Wireless and Towers Equipment in Pakistan. Our Equipment are Trusted well Engineered and Manufactured all our the Pakistan.

Software Services

Software services used in transmission and transceiver stations and in IT equipments in order to enable IT servies are built and maintained at Teracom

IT Equipment

Teracom Solutions is also expert in Information Technology services such as Software Development, Data center Management, IT equipment and data punching services.We have successfully completed over 1 dozen projects in IT space only. Our commitment to customers is to enable them high availability of IT services so that they can perform their business as usual with at a faster pace without any interruptions.

R & D Experts

The research and development (R&D) project selection decision is concerned with the allocation of resources to a set of proposals for scientific and engineering activities. The project selection and resource allocation process can be viewed as a multiple-criteria decision-making problem, within the business strategic planning process.



Datacenter Hosting

Data Center Hosting is done on special servers. Data is deployed on a third party structure, enabling the use of same service and features of data center Overall information is accessed through our main datacenter which is properly secured and identifies suspicious activities plus firewalls also protect the data in the data center.